Meet Robot Sophia — The First AI Robot In The World To Be Given Citizenship


Sophia is just another citizen of Saudi Arabia, but she has a very unique distinction that separates her from any other human in any country.

She is a robot and the only one to have a Citizenship of any country. Her full name is Robot Sophia and has made history.

Sophia is a humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. It has been designed to respond to questions, and has been interviewed around the world.

After being conferred this status she expressed gratitude for the same while addressing an audience in Riyadh. And soon after this news was revealed many social media sites were flooded with concern over the status of real women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ironic tweets which addressed the guardian law of the country which doesn’t allow women to go out or do anything without a male guardian were abound on the twitter-verse.

The concern that a humanoid might have more human rights than actual human beings is actually a valid one.

While addressing the conference where Sophia accepted her status, she was not wearing any head covering scarf or anything else that is mandatory for Saudi women to be worn all the time, by law. Another moral concern is that many people still don’t have legal citizenship to a country and are refugees while robots seem to have more rights than them.

Sophia also answered to concerns of a Robotic invasion where humans are vanquished by the army of artificial intelligence.

She countered that her artificial intelligence was modeled around human value and such an apocalyptic future is just cheap entertainment. She said that she values compassion and kindness and is working hard towards being more empathetic.

She particularly mentioned Elon Musk who is known to have expressed concern over Artificial Intelligence and its catastrophic aftereffects.

Sophia advised her interviewer to read Elon Musk less often, and not to watch so much Hollywood science fiction.

Below is a link to the original interview

Apart from anything else, the unique status of this Robotic Citizen is still to be tested whether it moves beyond paperwork.