Homemade Detox Foot Pads For Removing All The Dangerous Toxins From Your Body


Detox foot pads are actually stick-on pads put on the feet at evening, before going to bed to eliminate the toxins during the night.
You can buy them, but their price is not always small. Alternative way is to make your own detox foot pads at your home.

Method of preparation is following:

• Self-stick gauze pads
• Garlic
• Onion
• Water
• Socks

First chop the garlic and the onion.
In a kettle, pour water and let it boil. Add the garlic and onions and let them boil for about 10 minutes plus.
Let it cool off. Pour the liquid on the self-stick gauze and patch it on the soles of your feet. Put the socks on.
You will see the effects next morning, the pads will be dark from the toxins from your body.

These are the effects of detox pads:

• Detoxification and cleansing
• Preventive effect on the whole body
• Stimulate the reflexology points
• Strengthening the body resistance
• Stimulation of the body’s functions
• A change in lifestyle
• More energy
• Greater ability to concentrate
• Return of balance in the body
• Better quality sleep
• Soothing anti-stress effect
• Slowing down the aging process