This Is What Would Happen If Everyone Suddenly Became Vegetarian


Chances are that you or someone you know is a vegetarian. If the current trend continues eventually meat-eaters will be in the minority. And eventually after a few generations it is plausible to think that meat-eating might become a thing of the past.


Although according to research carried out in countries like India and China it is said that due an increase average wealth more people can now afford meat and this countering the growing trend of vegetarians in Europe and America. Which makes it all the more important for people in the West to go veggie and to educate others of its benefits.

With this in mind our friends at AsapScience decided to carry out a thought experiment to see what would happen if everyone in the world was suddenly a vegetarian. They wanted to see what effect it would have on our lives and also on the planet. It’s important to note the perspective being offered by AsapScience is both a scientific one and from a neutral unbiased viewpoint.

Of course apart from all of the obvious benefits highlighted in the video the biggest benefit is the fact that our animal friends will no long suffer and die at the hands of humans. And another huge benefit to humans will be the countless health benefits of being on a plant based diet. If you are considering going vegetarian I strongly recommend it. I have been vegetarian for three years now and it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

I hope you enjoyed this informative video as much as I did. Please share with family and friends.