This is a remarkable formula produced using bananas that gives positive results.  This formula has been tried and tested in the treatment of bronchitis and persistent cough.

The concoction is beneficial to the stomach, tasty and healthy.  Its preparation is uncomplicated and fast.

It is good for children as well as adults and you can prepare it whenever you have a cough.

Home remedy against cough: 


2 medium ripe bananas
13/5 oz. / 400 ml of boiling water
2 tablespoons honey or sugar

How to prepare:

Peel the bananas; the dotted ones are richer in nutrients. Put them in a bowl and mash them with a wooden or plastic fork as this prevents darkening.  Add sugar or honey to the mashed bananas.

Pour the slightly cooled water over the mixture and keep covered for 30 minutes. Do not pour very hot water over the mixture as hot water kill enzymes in the honey so you add water when it has slightly cooled.
You can pass the mixture through a strainer to make it smoother.

How to use

The mixture should be taken fresh everyday.  Remember to heat it before consumption and drink about 100ml 4 times a day.
If taken regularly, your cough or bronchitis stop within a week.  It is delicious and you should enjoy.